Create Show-and-Tell videos for basic UX topics

It is often easy to read up on things but harder to imagine how to act based on what you read. The idea: have videos with small worked examples how we do use design and research methods, each 3-10min long showing a realistic, even if shortened work process and collect them.

Expert Review of and existing UI

Needs: A UI with no terrible, but findable issues

  • Using heuristics
  • Going though the UI
  • Writing down possible problems

Doing a remote think-aloud test

Needs: Simple website and a simple task

Asking open questions

Needs: Topic and two people to demonstrate this.

KLM Modeling

Needs: Two designs to compare. Efficiency should be relevant.

Compare two designs’ efficiencies by using Keystroke level modeling

Review Survey Questions

Needs: Example survey, ideally early state.

Instead of showing how a full survey is created, let’s just show how to correct some common errors like

  • directing questions
  • unclear scales (is 5 good and 1 bad or vice versa?)
  • Double barrelled questions…

Since there are lots of explainers and articles on the internet, can we collect a few ways that we want this to differ? Put another way: why should we do a How To UX when so many others already have?
I’d propose, to start:

  • We don’t use terms like “market” or “customer” or “competition,” we assume that the end goal is usability rather than growth
  • We don’t recommend or model expensive tools
  • We emphasize informed consent, minimal data collection, and data protection when explaining methods that involve users (how do you all feel about the term “users”?)
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this looks fun :slight_smile: Here come a couple more:

  • We showcase free and open source tools and applications that can support execution, capture and analysis of research
  • We emphasise qualitative methods, as both more useful and productive for design purposes, and potentially more sensitive to privacy issues when combined with anonymisation techniques and good data handling practices.
  • We encourage a progression from user-centred to more participatory methods.
  • We position participating in research as a form of contribution to free and open source software.

PS: “users” still much better than consumers or customers, as far I am concerned. But in general I prefer “people”.


Since there are lots of explainers and articles on the internet

My main idea of differentiation is providing a worked example instead of a “general” instruction. This would already be a lot.

But I certainly like what you suggested, as well.

We emphasize informed consent, minimal data collection…

Yes. I guess the example format is not good for a general discussion of these but I’d love to show some in-situ, e.g. how to ask for and react to a participant wanting to skip a question or not wanting a recording.

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The questions in the suggested format would rather be: Which situations and actions do we want to show as topics are probably far easier to cover in a written, general article (Of which there are many already)

These are a shade more granular than what @mollyclare added:

  • We prioritize information and functionality, rather than behavior or engagement
  • We strive to make users aware of terms of use, rather than hiding or minimizing them
  • We strive to make outcomes and implications of users’ interactions clear to them
  • We value making users think about interactions and outcomes of use (its their data mindset)
  • We value closed (not endless) interactions

I agree. Can I suggest we ‘prototype’ 1 or 2 of these videos and just see what happens? As we get feedback, we can tweak/learn/adjust what we’d like from them. As a first example: I had a twitter thread this weekend on designing a control panel for a stove top. Not typical FOSS task but a fairly focused and known context that displays process, Visual and UX concerns, tied to how UX needs to prioritize. If that doesn’t seem right, no worries, please reply with another subject we could try.

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I like that idea and I think that would fit well. I guess I could not do it (as I do not do a lot of physical design) but you seem to have experience with it, so I think it would be an awesome topic you could demonstrate some basic ideas and processes with.

I could get it started with an expert analysis based on the nielsen heuristics and record that. (Would need to find a good interface for reviewing, though)

This would be a nice little start to gether feedback on.

I love this whole idea!

Would it be a good idea to set aside a 10 min slot in the community monthly calls for someone to do a prototype of a show & tell video with an audience and then have it recorded via jitsi? that way we can test it out as an activity :smiley:

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Nice idea & sounds like fun!

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