Common Conversations Designers have with Developers


Recently we’ve noted a series of common conversations that designers have to have with developers (and vice-versa) over and over again. It’d be great if we could document these all and add a variety of sources and links to this.

Here’s a starting point:

You can add topics here, or on there, alongside your views.

Statement 1: The Command Line is better than the GUI
Ask Question: Better for Doing What/Whom?
E.g. it is great for automatization, many admin tasks, using almost any unix…
Closer to the command/execution model (how much this is actually essential in computing technology, I dont know) btw. assembler is even closer to the computer…
bad for: (almost anything else…) anything visual, hard on the memory (pull the science card!), error prone (dd hhd deletion via accidental parameter swap, anyone?)

Statement 2: More options to suit the developer’s tastes
Remark: Having options does not hurt (if the pro settings are reasonable designed and do not clutter e.g. via about: config) but 1) not having good defaults hurts 2) if the most commonly needed settings drown in the other 90%.

Statement 3: Everyone has an account (where x is most likely github)
That is hard… »No, many don’t« probably.
Or: Yes, the ones we/you work with now, do, but what about the rest you never work with?

We can then also start compiling these as a list of resources for people.

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Right, nice! :slight_smile: A bunch of old notes I wanted to compile back then are at – regarding settings, and autosave.

Undo over confirmation modal is also a topic which comes up all the time …
Relevant article I link very often is Aza Raskin: Never use a warning when you mean undo and a > typical example discussion: k9mail/k-9#624

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@simonv3 this is cool and great idea… what form and where in the website should it go? For some reason my brain has the idea of calling it “Conversations” and making it be an interface that looks like a chat conversation… dunno why, but seems more fun an interesting than a static “FAQ” style thing… perhaps lil designer vs. developer avatars