(aras) #1

Hello everyone,

Last week I release a small project:
I want to give free logos to open source projects.

If you want to contribute for the second batch, I would love to work together.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.
~ Aras

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #2

Good stuff! :slight_smile: Regarding collaboration, I guess @elioqoshi o might be up for it?

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(aras) #3

Thanks @jan
I’ll contact with Sebastian :+1:

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(Dina Michl) #4

this is cool, happy to contribute if you’re still looking for contributors

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(Elio Qoshi) #5

Hey @arasatasaygin is this still going on? I noticed latest activity was from almost a year ago. Would love to help :slight_smile: