Open source design on the fediverse

I think it would be rather cool of open source design was present on the fediverse. If you don’t know the fediverse is a universe of decentralized and federalized social media platforms. The biggest one, Mastodon was made in 2016 and is the most like Twitter.

If you’d like to know more about Mastodon you can watch this video called “what is mastodon”, in addition to that you can read more about it at

In essence decentralized and federalized social media is more ethical. And if you are looking out for reaching out to active opensource artists then the fediverse will more likely connect you up with that, particurarly as there are a lot of people there you won’t find anywhere else.

As an example you can find my Mastodon account here:

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Is what you were looking for? Seems like it has been created by now already.

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Great! But it’s just a twitter crossposter and not something that interacts with the fediverse. People on the fediverse aren’t that into twitter crosspostings unfortunately, me included.

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… I’m also not into twitter crosspostings.