Gimpscape Artweek

Hi, my name Rania Amina from Indonesia.
In Indonesia we have a fairly large open source design community called Gimpscape. We are active on several social media, especially Telegram, Instagram and Youtube.
This year we will hold an event called Gimpscape Artweek, a workshop and sharing session on topics around the latest open source design. We are very welcome if anyone is interested in joining this event later.

Related Site:

(this page will continue to be updated)

In the next few days, we will open a call for paper, please if you are interested in getting involved as a speaker in this Gimpscape Artweek.


Hi @raniaamina
That looks fantastic.
I’m curious about what sort of workshops/speakers are planned/being planned.
Some of the links(schedule, about) on the page didn’t work for me.
Would love to join if it’s up my alley.

Thanks for sharing that!

Hi @amit,
Currently we open Call for paper for this event.

English version still underdevelopment, maybe today i will update everythings about website.

Hope you can join :")

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@raniaamina This is very cool! is there anymore guidance on how to pay from different places? Is Western Union good? or maybe there’s another service that I can pay via? My bank doesn’t allow for these kinds of transactions :cry:

Hi, @Erioldoesdesign
The web should updated now with EN translation, i’m so sorry for late update.
You can transfer it via Paypal if you want
See you, at Artweek :")

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Awesome! I’m excited :smiley:

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