Foss backstage 22 - submit your talk!

FOSS backstage reached out to open source design again for 2022 to ask for a few things!

Firstly, more designers submitting talks!
You can enter proposals until 2021-11-15 23:59 (Europe/Berlin), 2 weeks from now.

Some question that you might want to discuss in your proposals are:

  • How can people, who are scattered around the world work together on projects best?
  • Why is it important to convince people, businesses, cities or even states to use and develop Free and Open Source Software?
  • How can I sustain my FOSS project?
  • What Open Source business models are there?
  • How to best grow and maintain your open source communities and allies?
  • How to manage your relationship to those stakeholders and what role do OSPOs have in this?
  • What is the role of design in good open source projects?

I asked if they would be interested in any design workshops too so if you can a more collaborative and hands-on idea pitch that too!

UX Clinic

They are interested in OSD doing a UX clinic again (some of your volunteered in 2021) where we give design advice to OSS projects in a sort of 10 min advice round table format. Any designers in the community can volunteer to be part of this :slight_smile:

They also want us to be a community partner like last year. This means we get a virtual ‘stall’ and featured on their website.

They also have an in-person event in Berlin with limited space if anyone wanted to be a representative of OSD in person? probably best if you’re based in Berlin already for that one