This is indeed an interesting topic to discuss. So I will post your idea as a separate topic panel, since it can spark other questions around it.

Idea 3: Difficulties in having more designers participate in OSS (suggested by @ei8fdb)


  • What do you think is the main barrier for designer contributions ?
    • Variants: funding, technical understanding, awareness of UX need in OSS, process openness, team size, etc
  • How welcoming are the OS processes towards designers ?
    • Related: voting process, solution integration, ownership, feedback acceptance, etc.
  • Are there differences between doing remote design work for OSS versus Proprietary software ?
  • What qualities an OS designer needs to have ?
    • Variants: experience, technical skills, knowledge of the product, communication skills, etc.
  • What is an adequate team size that can accommodate a designer?
  • How is affected the time frame of delivering a feature when a designer is involved?
  • Discussions on several other questions: money, vision, engagement, target, ownership, responsibility, timeframe, etc.