FOSDEM 2025 - Let's get a head start on planning

Hey folks,

I wanted to get a head start on preparations for FOSDEM 2025.

So we don’t yet know if FOSDEM 2025 is happening for sure, no updates to their website but what we can do as Open Source Design is:

I’m happy to be involved again for 2025 but also very happy for someone else to take the reigns :slight_smile: it’s a great opportunity for design folks to get experience in the OSS event space.


What kind of talks do y’all think people would want to do/see?

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We had a lot of comments this year that people wanted more accessibility talks.

Personally I’d love more talks like the thunderbird one about how design has been implemented in OSS.

Anything you want to talk about particularly?


I don’t personally have anything in mind per se.

I work in civic tech and might be interesting to see a panel of people talking about the challenges facing OSS in that context.

Also when do tickets go on sale for fosdem? I always seem to miss the window.

For those, who lack information about the FOSDEM meeting (like me until now):

  • FOSDEM usually takes place in Brussels (Belgium, Europe) at the first weekend in February,
  • Attendance is free according to their FAQ
  • Often many talks are recorded.

Oh, free that’s cool! Well I will look into if I can get my workplace to maybe sponsor my flight or something. Or at least I’ll try to get off for it, and start saving for my own travel expenses.

In terms of civic tech stuff, I would be curious if there was someone who had experience with the work Nextcloud had been doing with the German government.

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Hey Aslan (and thanks @SvenPu for answering the questions re. FOSDEM :bouquet:)

I’ll make a note re. hoping for some civic tech related talks - we typically have at least 1-2 submissions that are civic tech related or adjacent but we can certainly reach out to more folks to submit talks. The tricky thing always being as curators of the talks at FOSDEM we kind of have to pick from talks where people can self fund their travel to speak or a company sponsors. Civic tech is notoriously underfunded and difficult (in my exp) to get funding for travel to speak at OSS conference but certainly possible!

There’s a couple of Nextclouder’s in the OSD community so perhaps they’ll be ready to speak about that work in 2025 :smiley: