FOSDEM 2020 Open Source Design organisation

The FOSDEM call for participation is out

What are we doing this year? Devroom, booth or both?


My vote is for both.
Would be happy to be one of the contact point to organise it or to help someone who wants to organise it this year. FOSDEM is :purple_heart:

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My vote is for both as well :slight_smile: I think we can pull it off once more.

So @victoria-bondarchuk has volunteered to do some of the organising. If you have never been involved in the FOSDEM organising before and you would like to take on the responsiblity for either the devroom or the stand, please let us know through this thread. We tend to prioritise the involvement of new hands, while the old hands stick around to support and help as needed.


Eco Hacker Farm will also be there with a stand… I do the organising for this… I would like to joint book a dev room… would you all be interested in this? We(EHF) would have around 2 to 3 hours content and the day can be around 8.5 hours so plenty to time for other projects to present their work.

My vote is for both. :slight_smile:
Would love to help organize as well.

That’s great, @amit.lzkpa :slight_smile:

How would you like to get involved: devroom or booth?

Hi @aimeejulia Great to hear that you are planning to be there :slight_smile:

The Open Source Design devroom content is mostly about the practice of (human-centred) design within free and open source projects. How do you think Eco Hacker Farm’s sessions would fit in this context?

I am more familiar with the devroom. So would prefer that.

Great! :slight_smile: We normally pair new people with the organisers from the previous year.

@ei8fdb or @victoria-bondarchuk : Would one of you be willing to help @amit.lzkpa with the devroom?



I’m happy to help @amit.Izkpa with the devroom for next year. @amit.lzkpa we’ve got a good thread on the organising steps needed for the devroom. It will help us a lot.

What do you think?

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Kudos to @amit.lzkpa and @ei8fdb!

Let me know if I can help, it is still fresh for me since the last year.
Deadline for the proposal is 3 weeks, so there is plenty of time.


Hi! I’m planning to attend FOSDEM for the first time in 2020. I’d love to try to participate with Open Source Design activities if I can.

Also, can anyone suggest any hotels or other places to stay? (I’m aware that the FOSDEM website already lists a few.) If we don’t want to clutter this thread with hotel recommendations, please feel free to email me ideas to and I can summarize the suggestions here. Thanks! Update: Nevermind! I booked at ibis Styles Brussels Louise Hotel.

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sorry for the late reply, I was at cccamp :smiley:

ecohackerfarm is working on a number of different projects that are centered around permaculture design principles - care for the earth, care for the people and fair share, I think these are well in sync with open source design

@pdurbin Amazing! Great you are finally coming :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to take on the organisation of the stand by any chance? I’ve been doing it for 2 years, and I’d gladly pass it on to someone else.

It’s really not that much work. Only 2 things to do:

  1. Submit the stand application form before November 1st ( The content I’ve used for the past 2 years is at FOSDEM 2019 Open Source Design organization

  2. Organise the stand shifts. I normally just create a Doodle Poll with 2-hour slots for the 2 days and people can sign up for them.

I would of course be around to help with anything you need.

And if somebody else would like to take it on, please say so! I am only suggesting @pdurbin because he just said he was coming :wink:

Hi @aimeejulia

This is just my opinion, but from my point of view the best way of going about this would be submitting your sessions through the public call for proposals. That makes the process of selecting and scheduling the devroom content fully transparent.

If anybody else has any thoughts on this, please say so! :slight_smile:

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Hi! Sorry, work is paying for this trip and my plan is to submit a talk on our project (Dataverse) and focus on learning things (including about UX and design!) I can bring back to my team. I’m happy to help assist when I can but I can’t take on responsibility for the Open Source Design stand. Mostly I just wanted to say that I’m happy to be going to FOSDEM for the first time and joining you lovely people. I think so far I’ve only met @jdittrich in person. It’ll be great to spend time with more of you!


@pdurbin Fair enough :slight_smile:

If anybody is willing to take on the stand organisation, please let me know.

ok thank you for the feedback

I started putting together the proposal for the devroom. It’s been compiled from information I gathered from last year’s organization thread and what they have requested for this year’s proposal.

FOSDEM 2020 CfP Page

20 September - deadline for developer room proposals

Please join in with your suggestions and contributions.
I would have liked to make it an inline wiki (but not sure how to do that).
Here’s a github wiki link in the meanwhile

FOSDEM 2020 OSD Devroom Proposal Wiki

Title of devroom

Open Source Design

Elaborate description of proposed devroom (including possible topics)

Open Source Design is a community of designers and developers advocating more open, human-centered and participatory design processes within free and open source software. We understand “design” in a broad sense, and our community includes interaction designers, content experts, design researchers, architects, information architects, graphic designers, usability and user experience professionals, and of course software developers. What we all share is the conviction that engaging users in the process of developing software results in better software.

The goal with our devroom is to showcase design work done within free and open source projects, and strengthen the connections between designers involved in FOSS. We dedicate an hour to project pitches, so that projects looking for design contributions can introduce themselves and establish contact with designers eager to help.

Our booth will be running a “design clinic”, an informal one-to-one set up where you can sit down with a designer to talk about your FOSS project, ask questions and seek advice on diverse aspects of design, from usability testing to typography. Our volunteer designers have a mix of skills and experience, both in commercial and FOSS projects.

Examples of past talks

Why does it fit FOSDEM?

Open Source Design has been present at FOSDEM since 2015, when we organised our first devroom. Our main purpose is advocating human-centered design within FOSS. Our devrooms have been well attended, and we have seen strong demand for design contributions. The design clinic last year gave us the opportunity to engage more actively with projects, and created opportunities for stable and long-term collaborations between designers and FOSS projects. We would like to repeat the activity in 2020.

Preferred slot

Both days

Primary contact

First name


Last name

Barros Pena


Submitter’s affinity to the topic of the devroom


Secondary contact

First name


Last name



Relevant URLs

Special requirements

A room which is accessible to those with motor skill impairments - a room which is accessible with both stairs and lift.

I’ve added you as the primary contact. Let me know if that sounds ok.
Can you please help out with the Submitter's affinity to the topic of the devroom section and verify if the email address is correct?

@victoria-bondarchuk @ei8fdb
Thoughts? Comments?

I’ve added you as the primary contact. Let me know if that sounds ok.
Can you please help out with the Submitter's affinity to the topic of the devroom section and verify if the email address is correct?

@belenbarrospena - would you be OK with myself and @amit.lzkpa organise the devroom? @victoria-bondarchuk would you have time to work with amit and myself?

@amit.lzkpa Is that also OK with you?

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