FOSDEM 2020 Open Source Design organisation

The FOSDEM call for participation is out

What are we doing this year? Devroom, booth or both?


My vote is for both.
Would be happy to be one of the contact point to organise it or to help someone who wants to organise it this year. FOSDEM is :purple_heart:

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My vote is for both as well :slight_smile: I think we can pull it off once more.

So @victoria-bondarchuk has volunteered to do some of the organising. If you have never been involved in the FOSDEM organising before and you would like to take on the responsiblity for either the devroom or the stand, please let us know through this thread. We tend to prioritise the involvement of new hands, while the old hands stick around to support and help as needed.


Eco Hacker Farm will also be there with a stand… I do the organising for this… I would like to joint book a dev room… would you all be interested in this? We(EHF) would have around 2 to 3 hours content and the day can be around 8.5 hours so plenty to time for other projects to present their work.

My vote is for both. :slight_smile:
Would love to help organize as well.

That’s great, @amit.lzkpa :slight_smile:

How would you like to get involved: devroom or booth?

Hi @aimeejulia Great to hear that you are planning to be there :slight_smile:

The Open Source Design devroom content is mostly about the practice of (human-centred) design within free and open source projects. How do you think Eco Hacker Farm’s sessions would fit in this context?

I am more familiar with the devroom. So would prefer that.

Great! :slight_smile: We normally pair new people with the organisers from the previous year.

@ei8fdb or @victoria-bondarchuk : Would one of you be willing to help @amit.lzkpa with the devroom?

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I’m happy to help @amit.Izkpa with the devroom for next year. @amit.lzkpa we’ve got a good thread on the organising steps needed for the devroom. It will help us a lot.

What do you think?