Boston, MA, USA

I work in Cambridge and would be happy to try meeting over coffee or breakfast, or other times and places. Thank you to @jan for guilting me into posting this. :slight_smile:

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I’m giving a talk on Friday, September 8th, 2017 at Harvard about how to run an open source project, if anyone is interested. I’m definitely going to be talking about design. Here’s my tweet about it:

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Hi, I’m new here, just putting out there that I’m in Boston at Red Hat’s South Boston office :slight_smile:


I’m new here. I’m brazilian and I’m going through Boston from October 5 to October 20, then I’m going to NY and Cuba at (FLOSS Cuba!)

I’d like some [beer/tee/coffee]. I collaborate with the Debian project and have contributions in Inkscape and OpenClipart.

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@valessiobrito I send you a direct message on this Discourse installation a while ago. Are you still interested in meeting up? I hope you’re enjoying your visit! I participated in a SpinachCon with Inkscape a while back and it was awesome.

Since I’m adding to this thread anyway, @mairin how do you feel about a meetup some day? I’ve been to your not-so-secret speakeasy at Red Hat Boston and would be happy to schlep over if you want to host something. :slight_smile: I could also probably manage to book a room at Harvard if that’s better.

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Hi, I’m having trouble following my emails and forums. I’ll be here by October 30th in Boston; That is, yes, I would like some informal meeting (I’m not native speaker, I’ll practice my Bad English).
My twitter/instagram @valessiobrito (are social channels that offer direct message);
Near Harvard seems to be a great place, I’m staying in Cambridge.
Valessio Brito

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Ok, I’m following you on Twiiter now, @valessiobrito so please feel free to send a direct message to @philipdurbin and we can try to pick a time.

Anyone else interested in meeting up in Cambridge?

Ok, @valessiobrito is kind enough to come to my building in Cambridge tomorrow (2017-10-24). The plan is to sit in on a Dataverse community call at noon, take a brief look at our story mapping on our infinite whiteboard, and then grab some lunch somewhere near Harvard Square. The call will begin at noon on the third floor (room K332) of the “north” building at 1737 Cambridge St (there’s a map on our website). All are welcome, but please email me at if you plan to come. Sorry for the short notice. Looking forward to it!

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@valessiobrito thanks for coming! You’ve been immortalized in our notes from the call! :slight_smile:

Boston folks, lemme know when you want to meet up next time. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be available to meet in Boston at least during the first two weeks in February - possibly longer.

Hello all,

@tessgadwa @pdurbin maybe see you in LibrePlanet 2018?

See this topic: Libre Planet 2018

Valessio Brito

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@tessgadwa the first two weeks of February are fading fast so let us know if you’d like to meet up! :slight_smile:

@valessiobrito yes, I’m planning on being a LibrePlanet 2018. I mentioned the SpinachCon with Inkscape above that was part of LibrePlanet 2016 and it was pretty awesome. I haven’t heard that it’s happening again but we got good feedback from UX testers.

The real reason I’m writing is that I just signed up for and I thought it might be of interest. Tue, March 6, 2018 in Framingham at 6:30pm. Monica Granfield is presenting and here’s the writeup from the link above:

"Harnessing the Power of an Open Source Design Process

Have you ever thought about how you can encourage openness in your design process, to collaboratively foster fresh and innovative outcomes, without losing sight of the intentions of your design? Curious on how the sum being greater than the parts can elevate your UX design? Join me to learn what an open source design community is, how it’s useful and what it means to contribute to a design community. This presentation will explore the challenges and advantages of designing in the open. It will demonstrate how the open source design process works: how to be transparent and inclusive within an open design community, while still being able to achieve the intent of the design. We’ll address how to scale design solutions for technologies and reconcile for consistency, across multiple implementations, to meet the demands of an open source community."

Finally, there’s another event coming up March 26-30 2018 that might be of interest:

@pdurbin Sadly, I’m heading back this Wednesday – earlier than expected – so a meetup may have to wait.

LibrePlanet 2018 looks great. If I can make the stars align, I’ll be there… too soon to tell so far.

Hello, Boston area people!

DevConf.US is a free conference sponsored by Red Hat that will take place this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 15-17th, 2019 at Boston University.

There is track called “User Experience in Open Source” that seem absolutely on topic for many people here but because the event is less that a week away, I’m only posting about it here in the “local meetups” and “Boston” thread.

Here’s the UX in open source track: that contains

Here are descriptions of all the UX in open source talks:

I’m definitely planning on attending the talk by @mairin and would be glad to meet up with other people from this forum as well! I wrote about some of my interests in the context of this conference in my profile at

I hope to see you there!