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Visual Identity Logo design and branding for open source projects – tools for those activities, and more. If you would like a reviewer, or help with anything else in this area, please come in! Communication and collaboration How do designers and developers best communicate? Do you have any communication or collaboration issue? Which platforms to use? All things we can talk about in this category. Interaction design Interaction design, flows, simplifying design, techniques and tools. If you work on interaction design or mockups for an open source project and need any help or reviewers, or have questions, please come in! Usability reviews and research Usability testing, user research, expert reviews and related tools. If you are doing usability tests or user research for an open source project and need any help or reviewers, or have questions, please come in!
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Hey all! Adopting a classic forum style I think it'd be cool if we had an introductions thread, something that I think was kind of missing on GitHub. Take a moment to introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where …

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