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FOSDEM 2019 Open Source Design organization [Events] (3)
Open Source Design Summit 2018 - Tirana, Albania [Summit] (3)
Nextcloud Conference 2018: August 23–30 at TU Berlin [Berlin] (1)
Identihub workshop - Tirana, Albania [Tirana] (1)
Ladies that UX event in Berlin (connecting Open Source Design) [Berlin] (2)
Color Scheme Contest (with Prizes!) [Events] (1)
NYC Meet Up: Funding Free Software (Thursday 18th Jan, 6pm) [New York] (1)
Tirana, Albania [Tirana] (4)
Internet Freedom User Research in Berlin 23.-26. April [Berlin] (3)
FSFE track at RMLL on July 7 / 8 [Events] (5)
Libre Planet 2018 [Conferences] (11)
SCALE16x - Wrap-up [Conferences] (2)
Freiburg, Germany [Local Meetups] (1)
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Libre Graphics Meeting 2018 [Events] (7)
CCC December 2017 Event [Events] (15)
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Call for Participation: Open Source Design Devroom at FOSDEM 2018 [Events] (16)
[March 5-9, 2018 Valencia, Spain] Internet of Freedom Festival [Events] (13)
Portland, OR, USA [Local Meetups] (17)
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SHA2017 - say hi :D [Events] (3)
Open Collective Event for Summit [Berlin] (6)
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